How does it work? Wipe the dust off your old home videos and fill out the order form here. We’ll email you to schedule a secure (no contact) drop off time, along with an invoice for payment, so we can get your order started promptly!

How long will it take? The timeline of your order will be determined when you submit your order form, as it depends on a couple of variables. If you would like your order expedited, that option is available. Please inquire with Brooke (domytapes@studiotrueblue.com) for pricing.

What can I digitize? Currently, we are able to convert VHS, VHS-C, MiniDV, and Hi8 tapes to digital formats. We also can digitize DVDs and mini DVDs as well.

Where will I drop off my home videos? We currently only serve customers who can drop off tapes locally in Clarkesville, Georgia. We will arrange pickup or drop-off upon receiving your order.

What will I get back? All videos are converted and uploaded online to Google Drive for private viewing and downloading for a duration of six months. Videos can be downloaded and/or viewed by the customer at any time during that six month period. The file format of each video the client will receive is an MP4, one of the most universal video formats. USB drive(s) and additional storage are also available for purchase (more info here). Upon receiving the finished product, clients are encouraged to back up all video files at least two or three times (i.e. downloaded to a computer, a flash drive, and an external hard drive).

How much does it cost? Prices vary from $10-$25 per tape/video, depending on quantity. You can find all the pricing info HERE!

Can I give a gift certificate? Of course! This is such a great gift idea! We have printable gift certificates available, so just email Brooke (domytapes@studiotrueblue.com) and let’s get it going!

How do I get my order started? Just fill out the form here and we’ll reach out to get your drop off scheduled.

What kind of payments are accepted? Cash only. You will receive an emailed receipt after drop-off and payment.

Have other questions? Shoot Brooke an email at domytapes@studiotrueblue.com and let’s chat!